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Seriously. If you have gold shoes, just go ahead and wear them!

I was sitting in the open air cafe of the Museum for the Contemporary Arts in Sydney this week when I saw her. I wasn't particularly people-watching, but when you're facing the Opera House and someone walks across your line... Continue Reading →

Discords and violent faith journeying

Suspended, Unresolved The nicest ladies taught me how to pray In Sunday Best, contained and passionless As if some cross-stitched Christ, all wafer thin And prim could only bear for me to humour him. I threw my new guitar across... Continue Reading →

Why Psychology and Sociology?

🙂  This category that covers a number of potential topics. Many of us have taken personality tests, such as the Enneagram, while journeying together in The Way Station. It's often helped us to understand ourselves and each other better. We see similarities... Continue Reading →

The Way Station has always been about real lives rather than theory. So in this blog we’ll be including some interviews and short biographies to introduce some of the people who are on this journey with us. Ordinary people, with extraordinary... Continue Reading →

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