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A Chance Encounter With a Former Church Member

Ever since beginning to deconstruct my faith, I’ve joked with myself it feels like I must be wearing a neon sign that says, “Hi, I’m going to Hell because I’m examining my faith more closely” when I’m in town and... Continue Reading →

My conversation with Julian in Bristol

TWS Conversation 9 – David, on faith journey, community and friends – online and offline

My conversation with David

TWS Conversation 8 – Emma, on Greenbelt Blogging (and some live music)

Virtual Community: One year that feels like a lifetime… in a good way!

The quote above was Phil's on 26/5/16. I liked it, so I memed it that same day... 🙂 Stories are worth remembering, I wanted to mark a point we've reached on this day in the journey of the Way Station. Today, it's exactly... Continue Reading →

Diving In(to the Wreck)*

I’ve always taken religion very seriously, and that’s probably how I ended up spending a third of my life as a staunch atheist.   As a kid, I swung between abject fear that I had committed the unpardonable sin (for... Continue Reading →

TWS Conversations (4) – Andrew, in Cumbria: “…something good about talking to people you’ve never met…”

Quantum God and Chaos Friends

OMG: HEATHENS! This one time, my senior year of high school, some kids from school showed up at my house on a Saturday night. They had seen me drive home from school earlier in the week and realized that we... Continue Reading →

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