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The Way Station ‘meet up’ is this weekend: What’s it all about?

This weekend we have our first meet up for the Way Station. A few of us are getting together in person in a conference room in Leeds (UK), and we'll be sharing the conversation with anyone in the Way Station... Continue Reading →

Inviting thoughts on – Session 1: OUR STORIES

Here's a prompt from Lisa for our thoughts, in preparation for session 1 of The Way Station Meet Up on August 19-20 (in Leeds, and online). I recently watched Toy Story 2 for perhaps the thousandth time.  So many great... Continue Reading →

Inviting thoughts on – Session 2: PHILOSOPHY/THEOLOGY

‘The Way Station’ is a space where many of us ask serious questions about our spiritual journey. It’s a safe space where people are welcome to ask big, deep, and often uncomfortable questions about theology, philosophy and spirituality - and encourage and build each other up, as we explore those questions together.

Inviting thoughts on – Session 3: COMMUNITY / CHURCH

Here's a prompt from Peter for our thoughts, in preparation for session 3 of The Way Station Meet Up on August 19-20 - (in Leeds, and online). Community / Church – Some thoughts for The Way Station Meet Up. What... Continue Reading →

Talking about God for fun

When you are absolutely confounded by the meanness of people, that’s a moment when you are close to God, or so I was told by someone who has tried to tease out a relevance for Christian mythology in our post-God... Continue Reading →

My Spiritual Journey

From as far back as I can remember, I have identified with the underdogs. Growing up, I loved the Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball). They were bad, and that made me like them all the more. It is a running joke that... Continue Reading →

My Journey Through Life

I’m now 81. As an only child I lived through WWII and watched some of what was going on in the skies over Southern England as the Germans attacked London. Growing up after the war there was no TV; no computers;... Continue Reading →

My conversation with Julian in Bristol

TWS Conversation 10| Will on belonging, believing, deconstruction, God

Another face to face conversation with someone from the Way Station: this time with Will (Thornbury, UK) 

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