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Seriously. If you have gold shoes, just go ahead and wear them!

I was sitting in the open air cafe of the Museum for the Contemporary Arts in Sydney this week when I saw her. I wasn't particularly people-watching, but when you're facing the Opera House and someone walks across your line... Continue Reading →

It’s Friday in the Way Station, and time for a chat…

Friday in the Way Station has been BLOG UPDATE DAY for a while. Each week we've all cheered loudly, chimed our glasses together, and eaten ice cream. (In virtual terms, a wild party is only ever 12 keyboard taps away,... Continue Reading →

Virtual Community: One year that feels like a lifetime… in a good way!

The quote above was Phil's on 26/5/16. I liked it, so I memed it that same day... 🙂 Stories are worth remembering, I wanted to mark a point we've reached on this day in the journey of the Way Station. Today, it's exactly... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Way Station Blog

The Way Station is an online community that began in June of 2016, based in a closed Facebook group. As an inclusive worldwide virtual room of new friends, we have a common interest in exploring real life questions related to faith, deconstruction, philosophy, theology, psychology, creativity,... Continue Reading →

About Editorial comments…

Sometimes it's good to have a sense of navigation and coherence in a site that draws together so many different diverse flavours. Editorial posts will give a chance for that kind of comment. A kind of an informal overview of life... Continue Reading →

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