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Virtual Community: One year that feels like a lifetime… in a good way!

The quote above was Phil's on 26/5/16. I liked it, so I memed it that same day... 🙂 Stories are worth remembering, I wanted to mark a point we've reached on this day in the journey of the Way Station. Today, it's exactly... Continue Reading →

TWS Conversation (7) – Chris, in Selby: mystical experience, church, and editing theology

TWS Conversations (6) – David, who I met in Leeds: Atheism for Lent, and where do we go with community?

TWS Conversations (5) – Ian, from the Salvation Army: ‘…look for the ancient ways…’

TWS Conversations (4) – Andrew, in Cumbria: “…something good about talking to people you’ve never met…”

TWS Conversations (3) – Gordon, who we met on the Omega Course: rethinking what Jesus meant about loving yourself

TWS Conversations (2) – Vinesh, who I met by chance: faith and Malaysian food

TWS Conversations (1) – Gill, who I met on the Isle of Iona… I'm travelling around to record face to face conversations with people in the Way Station. These are scrapbook moments, rather than polished edits. It's a journey in progress.

Discords and violent faith journeying

Suspended, Unresolved The nicest ladies taught me how to pray In Sunday Best, contained and passionless As if some cross-stitched Christ, all wafer thin And prim could only bear for me to humour him. I threw my new guitar across... Continue Reading →

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