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Phil "alltheseweirdcreatures" Newton

First, Unclench Your Fists

Many of us here have expressed the debt we feel we owe to Henri Nouwen, who is still one of the most popular spiritual writers of our time. In his illustrious career Nouwen wrote more than forty books, among them the... Continue Reading →

Methodists, Baptists, Guitars, Books, and Love

When I was training for ministry, as part of a course called ‘Transformative Pastoral Practice,’ we were asked to map our stories of care. The idea was to identify key moments that, or people who, had helped shape our working... Continue Reading →


This is a favourite song from a favourite band. I feel childishly vulnerable when I hear the lyric. There is a melancholy and a longing that I observe as if a tourist. And yet I also feel the gaze as... Continue Reading →

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