Welcome to The Way Station blog 

The Way Station is a new and growing virtual community for anyone, worldwide, who is exploring issues of life and faith. Our ‘home’ is currently a closed Facebook group. The blog is brand new territory for us.

Here’s how we describe the Way Station on our Facebook page.

It’s a safe place to rest, unpack, dump whatever we need to leave behind, and catch our breath.

It’s a supportive and encouraging space to share and refuel for the journeys we’re on.

It’s a refuge area for those burned out on religion, broken and bruised, needing hope.

It’s a place for thinkers to think aloud, and to interact in real and friendly discussion that leads to real life transformation, not just theory.

It’s inclusive and accepting. No labels, expectations or requirements, except to welcome each other as friends and fellow journeyers, whoever they may be.

* A way station is a place where people can stop to have a rest and pick up essential supplies etc during a long journey. The way is a path or road. In the Bible, it’s one of the names Jesus uses for himself. A station is a place of activity, where things happen.