This weekend we have our first meet up for the Way Station. A few of us are getting together in person in a conference room in Leeds (UK), and we’ll be sharing the conversation with anyone in the Way Station who wants to join us, in person or online. We’ll record the sessions in case you’re not available, and all the details are available in our Facebook room.

This meet up is intended to be like a video extension of the conversations that happen in the room everyday. It’s just another accessible way to get involved in whatever’s emerging. We’re experimenting with the potential among us, without having a particular endpoint in mind.

Are we intending to create a new revolutionary solution to anything?
No. 🙂

Many of us have walked that path a few times in our lives, and we’re wise to the futility of trying to solve things, or be the next new big thing to emerge. That kind of attempt would be likely to be short-lived and problematic.

But it’s a chance to explore something we DO have: a kind and supportive community of mature and experienced people with a few things to say that are worth saying, in a few different areas in and around church and faith. I think it’s relevant that diverse subject areas (community, arts, mental health, identity, life guidance, philosophy and theology) are being drawn together in one place. That could be a powerful combination.

The session topics are below. These will naturally overlap, and we’ll see where the conversations take us:

Saturday 19th August (London timezone)
10.30- 11.30am – Our stories, how did we find ourselves here?
12 – 1pm  – Philosophy/Theology – what are some areas that we’re wrestling with
3 – 4pm – Community/Church – what are we looking for, and what are we learning?

Sunday 20th August
10.30- 11.30am – Mental Health Issues – what factors are relevant in the Way Station
12 – 1pm  – Arts/Music/Poetry – intuitive approaches and collaborative potential
3 – 4pm – Grounding/Centring/Life Guidance – in times of faith shift and crisis

If you have something to say in any of these areas, we hope you’ll join us live. (If you’re not a member of the Way Station, come and join our Facebook group and we’ll give you the info there.)

We’ll consider possible action points, and we’ll also talk about planning a further UK face to face meet up in London in February 2018. These are objectives that should keep us on track and give our conversations some focus.

But we’ll watch, reflect, and see how it goes…