Here’s a prompt for our thoughts, in preparation for session 5 of The Way Station Meetup on August 19-20 (in Leeds, and online).

In the Way Station we spend a lot of time using posts and comments to explore life and faith and to talk to each other. But offline, many of us know the value of intuitive methods of understanding the world and expressing what’s going on. Music is a good example of the kind of non-verbal or poetic expression that helps us to get in touch with our humanity and our faith journey.

And then there’s the sharing of energy through collaboration and working together. When we interact with words on a screen, we use certain parts of our brain, our logic, our way of mapping things out. But given the chance to work from the heart, artistically, at a deeper level, new powerful expressions of shared journey can emerge.

This prompt is intended to invite ideas of artistic approaches to expressing and exploring journey, and collaborative projects and initiatives we could undertake.