Here’s a prompt for our thoughts, in preparation for session 4 of The Way Station Meet Up on August 19-20 (in Leeds, and online).

In The Way Station we aim to be open and inclusive in all directions, recognising that all our lives are complex and often confusing to navigate. In the course of our discussions online and in getting to know each other better over time, we’ve discovered the challenges many of us face on a day to day basis, dealing with mental health issues.

It’s fortunate that we live in times when these issues are being brought to the surface for more open and inclusive conversation. In the Way Station we care about those for whom mental health is a formally recognised aspect of life, as well as all of us who are coming to terms with surfing the ups and downs of our humanity. We feel positive and enthusiastic about embracing the diversity of life experiences.

This prompt for comments invites insights on mental health issues as they relate to us personally, or to the kind of community we are as The Way Station, as well as to the kinds of lessons and approaches to each other that may have wider implications. What do we need to remember, to learn more about, to work towards, to research further?