Here’s a prompt from Lisa for our thoughts, in preparation for session 1 of The Way Station Meet Up on August 19-20 (in Leeds, and online).

I recently watched Toy Story 2 for perhaps the thousandth time.  So many great quotes and life truths embedded in the narrative.     One thing struck me this last time around.     There is the Buzz who is pre-programmed with a story that he is compelled to live out – that he is the defender of all that is good in the world, that Zurg is the enemy to be destroyed, and that all Buzzes are to be in hyper sleep until given a direct order.     Then there is the “real” Buzz – referred to as such by his friends who know him through their shared stories and through whom he has come to know himself differently than the Buzz he was programmed to be.

We all live in variations of story.   The pre-programmed stories: those we are born into, reflected to us and through us within the dynamic of our family of origin and the socio-economic, political, and religious/spiritual messages we internalized during our developmental years.    And the stories we more intentionally accept or reject, in response to our growing awareness of the world around us, as we unpack the labels unwittingly bestowed upon us.

Friend, lover, dreamer, loser, overcomer, wanderer, sanguine, pessimist, performer, procrastinator, freak, geek, loner, addict, dependent, human – descriptors, labels, definers.

Who are we when we are “real”?

The Way Station is a place to unpack our bags for a bit, hang out, see what we can see reflected back to us in the stories others share of themselves and their responses to the stories we share of ourselves.   Here, we unwind from some labels while we seek to refine and define who we are in relation to ourselves, others, God – for a moment or to “infinity and beyond”!

What labels are you unpacking?  Refining?  Redefining?