On June 1st 2017 I suggested people in the Way Station might like to join forces on a collaborative ebook idea. The working title was The Way Station: Refuel Your Hope.

It was exciting to see a number of people in virtual community sending in submissions from their own perspectives, without knowing what others were submitting.

The idea was that we didn’t claim ownership to our own submissions, but accredited the various pieces of work as a team working together. What came in was compiled to create a homegrown resource that can be freely distributed.

The content has been brought together in 6 sections:

1. Refuel your heart for hope
2. Refuel your courage to question hope
3. Refuel your hopefulness
4. Refuel your courage to talk about hopelessness
5. Refuel your ordinary everyday hope
6. Refuel your hope by planting it in dark places for others

We’re looking forward to any feedback, and to further TWS collaborations in the future.

Download the ebook as a pdf here: Published TWSProjectONE ebook