Friday in the Way Station has been BLOG UPDATE DAY for a while. Each week we’ve all cheered loudly, chimed our glasses together, and eaten ice cream. (In virtual terms, a wild party is only ever 12 keyboard taps away, include spaces.)

This Friday, I’m pausing those usual mechanisms for a bit of a refocus.

We’ve had a massive transition in the Way Station during the last 3 months.

Over that time, the Way Station community has doubled in size. Behind the scenes I’ve been reflecting with a few other longstanding friends here, considering how to keep the life and soul alive and kicking without dragging things down. The good news for those who liked it how it was, is that we’ve come up with the thought we started with: what’s needed is the innovation and strategy to keep things lightweight and easy going, while also noticing and working with the life and potential as it arises.

Part of my effort in the last quarter has been to give a big push to our blog space of The weekly update with numerous posts has been an excellent tool to pull strands together quickly, and to get to know each other. It’s a good way to experience other people’s writing, and their worlds. Great discussions have come from those posts in the supportive tides of the TWS Facebook group where we all hang out.

With Summer coming, routines are about to change. We’re easing off on blog rotas. I’m still keen to publish any posts from the blog team that come in – as and when. I may also request occasionally that we lift certain (pre-agreed) threads from the closed room to publish in the public blog too. But I’m also interested in encouraging those with active blogs of their own that they’d like to discuss and feature in the Way Station. I want to continue to work on how we best support individual journeys and cultivate authentic experiences of community – whatever that may mean.

My ‘real life’ conversations and exploration continue, and I’m intrigued at TWS creative collaborations and meetups that might come about as we go on. I’ve just launched my new site/blog, which combines my personal thinking and exploring about the Way Station, and how it weaves in and around my own creative journey: virtual community and virtual camino. If you’re interested