The end of the song…that is where it’s at.  By “it” I meant the punch to the gut, for me.  I like Bazan’s music a great deal, but I don’t LOVE it all of the time.  Sometimes, there is a little too much electronica in the background for me.  Then, last year, I saw him perform live for 25 of us in a bakery in Ann Arbor, with only his amp and his guitar and cannot see his music the same ever again.  If you ever have the chance to see him play live or catch the documentary artists want to make about him (Strange Negotiations Kickstarter), I think you should.

Trouble with Boys-David Bazan

All your trouble with boys
Like you’re making a choice
Still, you really don’t know
Why they treat you so
So bad

Your stepbrother smirks that it has
Nothing to do with your dad
And you dream that the sound of his voice
Might melt them away
Your trouble with boys

And you wonder what he would say
And would it be enough?
Either way
You are worthy of love
You are worthy of love