The Way Station is an online community that began in June of 2016, based in a closed Facebook group.

As an inclusive worldwide virtual room of new friends, we have a common interest in exploring real life questions related to faith, deconstruction, philosophy, theology, psychology, creativity, and  – frankly, anything else we stumble over along the way. Everyday life in the Way Station is a combination of personal sharing, prompts for thought and discussion, and whatever else occurs to us as relevant. We make a priority of keeping the Way Station a safe place to belong, each of us on our own personal journey alongside others.

Here’s the introduction we have posted at the top of our Facebook page.

A few words to people new to the idea of online community…

Some of us here have been chatting across a few forums and behind the scenes for a few months now. We were strangers not so long ago. It’s been a remarkable experience, journeying together and hearing each other’s stories beyond the ‘safety’ of theoretical discussion. That’s why we decided to attempt to cultivate a similar sense of belonging and journey here with an extended group. We hope it will be life changing for others too.

As a rule, any encouraging and authentic interaction with ANYone here is good investment. We know it’s a vulnerable experience to talk about your life though, and it can feel really daunting to start with. So let’s be supportive whenever we spot anyone giving it a go. We know from experience how significant other people’s interaction with our honesty is. We’re finding that listening and being listened to here can change real life. Discovering we have things in common lessens the sense of isolation and offers brand new perspective. So whenever you can bear to dip your toe in the water, even just to say hello to someone or be honest about your take on something, please do and see what happens. 

We’re really looking forward to seeing how a wider group can grow virtual community over time. Maybe some other small groups of kindred spirits will emerge naturally. And at the end of the day, if it doesn’t work… at least we gave it a shot. 🙂

This public blog is run by a regular team of members of the way station, along with occasional guest posts. Our about page will tell you more, or you can get in touch here.