🙂  This category that covers a number of potential topics.

Many of us have taken personality tests, such as the Enneagram, while journeying together in The Way Station. It’s often helped us to understand ourselves and each other better. We see similarities and differences in the ways we relate, and the connections we make.

As we consider the nature of virtual community, we’re also thinking about other versions of community that some of us have experienced or are part of now. Church, family, friendships, and society are all examples of individual and relational topics we like to talk about. The whole inclusive human experience.

We talk a lot about concepts like shift and deconstruction. Many of us know first hand that when our beliefs and worldview gets rocked – perhaps even even blown apart – the psychological effects can be enormous. We welcome vulnerable discussion around mental health issues, and we embrace the tensions and challenges, recognising that we’re all somewhere along  that spectrum.

Questions of relating and connecting, identity and belonging are all very well-trodden areas in The Way Station. We expect a lot of posts here on those themes.