The Way Station has its roots in a time when a few of us were considering philosophical critiques of Christianity together. We met across a crowded Facebook group, in a course called Atheism for Lent run by the philosopher Peter Rollins. You could say it was a match made in Heaven – although it’s also fair to say that Heaven was one of the concepts under deconstruction at the time…

Many of us have philosophy and/or theology backgrounds, so inevitably we branch out quite a bit in our reading and thinking as we journey in community.

The philosophy and theology categories on this blog allow us to free flow in those directions (some of us with more expertise than others, but everyone is welcome to get involved). For us, the point is to keep it relevant and conducive to finding truth that sets us free, even if it comes from a direction we didn’t expect.

It’s not about debating as such, although we do that too. 🙂